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How Much Do Bathroom Storage Solutions Cost In Atlanta?

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The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Storage Costs in Atlanta

Ever wondered how much it would cost to revamp your bathroom storage in Atlanta?

Or perhaps you’re curious about the latest trends in bathroom cabinets and bathroom storage ideas?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the costs associated with bathroom storage solutions in the bustling city of Atlanta.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to expect and how to budget for your next bathroom remodeling project in Atlanta.

Bathroom Storage Cabinet Installation Cost Breakdown

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Bathroom Storage Size

The size of your bathroom is a primary factor in determining the cost of your bathroom storage installation, as well as your overall bathroom remodeling budget.

The more floor space you have, the more storage you’ll likely need, and the more it will cost.

In other words, a large master bathroom will typically cost more than a small bathroom.

Similarly, the height of your cabinets and countertops isn’t just about aesthetics; it also affects the price.

For example, taller cabinets require more materials, which can increase costs.

Here’s a breakdown based on typical bathroom sizes in Atlanta:

Powder room or half bath (Approx. 20 sq. ft.)

These smaller spaces often require compact storage solutions.

Costs for a small bathroom can range from $1,500 – $5,000+, not including labor.

This is a common size for a guest bathroom.

Three-quarter bathroom (Approx. 40 sq. ft.)

With a bit more floor space, these bathrooms might need additional storage like wall-mounted cabinets or under-sink storage for toilet paper.

Costs for additional storage space can be between $5,000 – $10,000+, not including labor.

Full bath (Approx. 145 sq. ft.+)

With more floor space, you might consider adding a linen closet, a larger bathroom vanity, or even a separate storage unit.

Expect costs for extra storage space in a large bathroom to range from $10,000 – $30,000+.


Bathroom Storage

Different types of cabinets serve various purposes and come at different price points.

Freestanding Cabinets

These versatile units can be moved around, making them perfect for renters or those who like to change their bathroom layout frequently.

Examples include tall linen cabinets or movable under-sink units with storage baskets where you can store extra towels.

These are almost always less costly than built-in cabinets.

Built-in Cabinets

These are permanent fixtures, often built into a wall or recess.

They’re ideal for homeowners looking for a long-term storage solution.

Think of recessed medicine cabinets or built-in wall shelves.

You will typically pay more for built-in cabinets than you would for freestanding cabinets.

Bathroom Storage Materials

Bathroom Storage

The choice of material not only affects the look and feel of your bathroom storage but also its cost and longevity.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

An affordable and popular choice, MDF is resistant to moisture, making it ideal for bathrooms.

However, it might not be as durable as other materials.


A step up from MDF, plywood cabinets are sturdy and can withstand the humid bathroom environment.

They’re a mid-range option in terms of cost.

Solid Wood

The most expensive option, solid wood cabinets, are durable and can last for decades if properly maintained.

They also offer a luxurious feel to the bathroom.

Labor for Bathroom Storage

Labor costs can be a significant portion of your bathroom storage installation.

In Atlanta, with its booming real estate and renovation market, labor costs can be on the higher side.

Factors affecting labor costs include:


Installing a custom-built cabinet with intricate designs will cost more than mounting a prefabricated one.

Additional Services

If your installation requires plumbing adjustments, electrical work, or any other specialized service, it will add to the cost.

Three Categories of Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Storage

Stock Bathroom Cabinets

These are your go-to, off-the-shelf solutions.

Made in bulk, they come in standard sizes and designs.

While they’re the most affordable, they might not offer the uniqueness or perfect fit of custom solutions.

For instance, a stock wooden under-sink cabinet from IKEA might cost as little as $60.

Semi-Custom Bathroom Cabinets

These cabinets strike a balance between stock and custom.

You can choose from a range of sizes, designs, and finishes.

For example, a semi-custom wall-mounted cabinet in a unique teal finish might be priced at $1,000.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets

For those who want their bathroom storage to be just perfect, custom cabinets are the way to go.

Tailored to your exact needs and specifications, they offer unparalleled quality and design flexibility.

A custom-built solid cherry wood linen cabinet designed to fit a specific bathroom corner might cost around $6,000 or more.

However, while $6,000 is a good starting point, when it comes to custom cabinetry, costs can easily go much higher.

Cost To Remove Bathroom Cabinet

Before installing new cabinets, you might need to remove the old ones.

Bathroom cabinet removal can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand, depending on the size and complexity of the task.

Bathroom Cabinet Installation Cost

Professional installation can range from $200 to $1,000+, depending on the intricacy of the project and the type of cabinet chosen.

Bathroom Cabinet Refacing Cost

If your existing cabinets are still in good shape, refacing can be a cost-effective alternative to replacement.

The process to replace a cabinet door can cost between $100 to $500+ for professional services.

Prefabricated Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Storage

As noted above, the cost for custom bathroom storage will vary widely depending on the size, materials, and features. 

On the other hand, the cost of prefabricated storage solutions is more standardized.

Let’s take a closer look at some prefabricated storage solutions and their approximate cost ranges.

Vanity Bathroom Storage

The bathroom vanity is often the centerpiece of any bathroom, combining both functionality and style.

Prefabricated vanities are readily available and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

The price for a single-sink prefabricated bathroom vanity starts as low as $60 for basic models, which might be made of MDF with a laminate finish.

As you move towards the higher end, around $800+, you’ll find vanities made of solid wood with intricate designs, soft-close drawers, and even built-in electrical outlets. 

Note on Countertops: The choice of countertops can significantly influence the price of the vanity.

A basic laminate countertop might add only $50 to the cost, while a granite or quartz countertop could add $200 or more, depending on the size and design.

The more features a prefabricated vanity has, the costlier it will be, with some stock vanities even topping $8,000.

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Storage

Wall-mounted or “floating” cabinets are a modern and space-saving solution, especially for smaller bathrooms.

Starting at around $60 for basic models, these cabinets can be made of materials like MDF or particleboard.

Closer to the $800+ range, you’ll find cabinets made of solid wood, with features like soft-close doors, integrated sinks, and high-end finishes.

Medicine Cabinet Bathroom Storage

Medicine cabinets are essential for storing medications, toiletries, and other small items.

The cost varies widely based on size, materials, and features.

A basic metal medicine cabinet might cost around $60.

However, if you’re looking for a smart bathroom mirror with features like touchscreen capabilities, WiFi connectivity, LED lights, defoggers, and even Bluetooth speakers, the price can soar to $3,000 or more.

Stand-Alone Bathroom Storage

Stand-alone cabinets, as the name suggests, are independent units that aren’t attached to the wall or any other fixture.

These versatile pieces can be placed anywhere in the bathroom.

A small MDF unit might start at $40, while larger, solid wood units with multiple shelves and drawers can go beyond $500.

Additional Costs to Consider



When installing or replacing bathroom cabinets, especially vanities with sinks, plumbing modifications might be necessary.

In Atlanta, a plumber might charge anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour, depending on the complexity of the job.

If you’re moving the location of the bathroom sink or adding a new one, costs can add up.


A backsplash isn’t just functional, protecting the wall from splashes; it’s also a significant design element.

Depending on the material – from ceramic tiles to marble slabs – a backsplash can cost between $10 to $100+ per square foot, not including installation.

Refinishing vs. Refacing vs. Replacing

If your cabinets are looking worn out, you have three main options:


This involves sanding down the existing cabinets and applying a new coat of paint or stain.

Refinishing is the most affordable option, typically costing between $2,000 to $4,000+ for an average-sized amount of bathroom storage.


This involves replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts while keeping the existing cabinet boxes.

It gives your bathroom a fresh look without the cost of complete replacement.

Prices for refacing can range from $4,000 to $10,000+.


The most expensive option, replacing, involves removing the old cabinets and installing new ones.

Depending on the type, material, and size, a complete replacement can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000+ or more.

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro for Your Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Storage

Embarking on a DIY project can be tempting, especially with the plethora of online tutorials and home improvement shows that make tasks seem straightforward.

Indeed, going the DIY route can offer immediate savings on labor costs.

For instance, if you’re simply repainting your bathroom cabinets or installing a pre-made shelf, the DIY approach might be feasible and cost-effective.

However, more complex projects, such as installing a new bathroom vanity or rerouting plumbing, can benefit from a professional’s touch.

Hiring a pro ensures that the job adheres to local building codes, is completed efficiently, and meets safety standards.

For example, while a DIY enthusiast might struggle with ensuring a wall-mounted cabinet is securely anchored, a professional would know the best techniques and materials to use for a sturdy installation.

Additionally, any mistakes made during a DIY project can lead to additional expenses in repairs or adjustments.

In contrast, professionals offer warranties or guarantees on their work, providing peace of mind.

In the long run, while you might pay more upfront for a professional’s services, the investment can result in a higher quality finish, increased home value, and the avoidance of costly mistakes.

You can learn more about the pros and cons of DIY bathroom remodeling vs. hiring a contractor here.

It’s essential to weigh the complexity of the project, your own skill level, and potential long-term implications before deciding between DIY and hiring a pro.

Why Choose Ranney Blair Weidmann for Your Bathroom Storage Needs?

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