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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Happy New Year

New Year’s Resolutions are still a big part of our post-holiday culture. Unfortunately, according to Forbes.com, even though 40 percent of Americans make resolutions, only 8 percent keep them!

Maybe it’s time for a resolution you’ll actually keep. The holidays aren’t just about eating – they are about getting together with friends and family. And while that’s wonderful, there is nothing like a full house to bring out the areas of your home that need a little help.

If you hosted guests this holiday season, make some mental notes of areas where your home perhaps didn’t function exactly the way you’d like it to. Here are a couple of common areas to think about.

  • The Kitchen: You can’t keep people out of the kitchen during the holidays. But was your kitchen too crowded? Was it set up to allow you to work efficiently? Did you have enough light? Did you ever feel trapped in the kitchen while others were in the family room enjoying one another’s company?
  • The Family Room: Did friends and guests enjoy hanging out in your family room? Was it a place they naturally gravitated toward – or did you have to lead people in there because it’s closed off and a little too dark? Would it feel larger and be more conducive to socializing if it were open to the kitchen?
  • The Guest Bathroom: Did you cringe when guests used your guest bathroom or powder room because it feels out of date – or just has no personality? Would new fixtures and flooring make it a room you’d be proud of?
  • Multi-purpose Room Addition: If it’s awkward having guests sleep on the couch, maybe adding a room that could be used as an extra bedroom for guests during visits – and a home office or craft room the rest of the time – makes sense.

This year make a resolution that you’ll stick with – and one that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Pick the one room or space that will most impact your enjoyment of your home and start collecting ideas. Then reach out to us for help in turning those ideas into reality!


How can we help you? We love what we do and love helping homeowners through the remodeling process! If you have a project in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.


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