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Ranney Blair Blog

10 min read

Framed Mirror vs. Frameless Mirror: A Guide to Choosing the Right One

Mirror Magic: Unveiling the Best for Your Bathroom Ever stood in front of a bathroom mirror in your Atlanta home, pondering if it truly captures the essence of your style? Or wondered why some mirrors seem to expand a bathroom's space while others...

A freshly painted bathroom

6 min read

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Bathroom In Roswell, GA?

Freshening Up: The Bathroom Paint Cost Guide for Roswell Residents Ever walked into your bathroom and thought, "Could this space use a splash of...

Wall sconces being used as vanity lighting

7 min read

How Much Do Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Cost in Roswell, GA?

Illuminating Insights Ever felt the frustration of not having enough light while getting ready in your bathroom? Or marveled at how a friend's...

Two mirrors in a bathroom

6 min read

Mirror Costs: How To Find The Right One for Your Brookhaven Bathroom

Reflecting on Choices Ever stared at a floor mirror in your bedroom and then compared it to a bathroom mirror and wondered if it truly reflects your...

High-end framed shower enclosure in a luxury bathroom

5 min read

Frameless or Framed Shower Enclosure: What’s Best For Your Bathroom In Roswell, GA?

Unlocking the Shower Mystery: Framed or Frameless? Ever stood in your bathroom, staring at your shower enclosure, and wondered if there's a better...

1 min read

Ranney Blair Remodeling and Weidmann Remodeling Announce Consolidation

September 1, 2023 —Weidmann Remodeling-Renovation and Ranney Blair Remodeling announced their consolidation, strengthening their position as leaders...

A large cast iron soaking bathtub with clawfeet.

6 min read

Soaker Tubs vs. Jacuzzi Tubs: Your Guide to Bathtub Relaxation

A New Era of Bathing Comfort Ever found yourself yearning for a long, relaxing soak in a bathtub after a hard day's work? Or perhaps you've dreamt of...

5 min read

Discovering the Benefits of Bidets: A Beginner's Guide

A New Bathroom Experience Awaits Ever felt like your bathroom routine could use an upgrade? Or wondered if there's a more eco-friendly alternative to...

A toilet in a bathroom with the vanity visible

6 min read

Going Green in Your Bathroom: Water-Saving Toilet Options For Your Roswell Home

The Importance and Need for Eco-Friendly Toilets Ever thought about how much water you use when you flush your toilet? Or how that water usage...

Blinds as a window treatment in a luxury bathroom

7 min read

Window Treatment Costs for Your Brookhaven Bathroom: A Guide to Budgeting

A New Look for Your Bathroom Ever walked into your bathroom and felt something was missing? Or perhaps you've been longing to add a touch of elegance...