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Vinyl Flooring vs. Ceramic Tiles: A Bathroom Flooring Comparison

A bathroom with mosaic tile flooring

Unraveling the Best for Your Bathroom: Vinyl vs. Ceramic Ever stood on a cold bathroom floor in the middle of winter, wishing for a warmer touch beneath your feet? Or perhaps you’ve spilled water and silently prayed it doesn’t seep through the cracks, causing water damage? If you’ve nodded to either, you’re in the right […]

Bathroom Flooring Options in Atlanta: Pros, Cons, and Choices

Graphic floor tiles in a bathroom remodeled by Ranney Blair Weidmann

Dive into Atlanta’s Flooring Trends Ever stepped into a bathroom and felt the cold, unwelcoming touch of the floor on your bare feet? Or perhaps you’ve slipped on a floor that looked beautiful but lacked practicality? These are common challenges homeowners face when choosing bathroom flooring. In this guide, we’ll explore the best bathroom flooring […]