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Zero Entry Shower vs Curbed Shower

Zero Entry Shower vs Curbed Shower

Zero-entry showers will give you an updated look and provide uninhibited access for those that need it, but there is no replacement for a curbed shower when it comes to controlling water. When making your decision, consider the pros and cons of a zero-entry shower compared to a curbed shower. Zero Entry Shower Pros Zero […]

Does My Build Price Change?

The Pricing Journey Funnel

The Pricing Journey The cost of your project is always evolving. The initial budget is based on several assumptions from conversations with you and our experience with similar projects. Those assumptions are worked through during design, a buildability review, and final estimating. Picture the pricing journey as a funnel. There is a lot of uncertainty and grey area […]

How Long Will My Renovation Take?

Design Compressed

Your Project will take anywhere from 16 weeks to over a year from the start of planning to the final build result. There are a lot of factors that go into your overall timeline, but let’s first look at the piece that will help the Build portion of your renovation run more efficiently, Design and Planning.  Design […]

Is Ranney Blair Expensive?

Ranney Blair Showroom

We charge based on how much time we spend on your project. During the supply chain crunch and hyperinflation, we found our traditional markup method of pricing was broken. After taking an MIT Pricing Class and discussing the same problem with remodelers around the country, we found the best solution is to price by meeting (during […]

When Can You Start My Project?

When Can I start My Remodel Compressed

Getting your project to the build phase will take 4 months to 1 year from the date you begin the design. After understanding the high-level scope of work, we ask our clients what their ideal start date is and then work backward to see if it’s feasible. Conversely, you can add up the phases, starting from design, […]