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Tiles: 23 Latest Tiling Designs for Your Bathroom Renovation

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Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Are you considering installing a unique tiling design to give your bathroom a fresh look? If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, one of the most important decisions is which bathroom tile design to choose.

The right tiles can make all the difference in your bathroom remodel, adding drama and style to your space. From subtle and bold to dramatic and monochrome, we have gathered 23 of the latest tiling design trends that will help you decide how to revamp your bathroom. 

By the end of this article, you will have plenty of tiling designs to choose from that will help you create a stunningly beautiful bathroom. If you are ready to start planning your bathroom remodeling project, be sure to check out our ultimate guide to bathroom remodeling: from planning to execution

Latest Tiling Designs for Your Bathroom Renovation

Tiles are perfect for creating unique spaces with character while also adding a touch of luxury. While tiles can be subtle and understated, they can also be bold and eye-catching.

The right floor tile or wall tile can make all the difference in your bathroom remodel, adding drama and style to your space.

Keep reading to discover the latest tiling designs for bathrooms in 2023!

1. Mix Subtle And Bold Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

For a beautiful contrast, mix subtle and bold tiles. Combining muted and vibrant colors or patterns can add depth and interest to your bathroom design. The result is an eye-catching design that brings out the best of both worlds! In this bathroom, a bold design of mini hexagon tiles on the shower floor contrasts with the large-format white bathroom wall tiles.

2. Graphic Design Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Get creative with graphic design tiles! Graphic design tiles with geometric shapes or abstract patterns can create a modern and eye-catching look. These decorative hexagon floor tiles will instantly transform a space and help create an interesting focal point in any bathroom.

3. Chevron Tile Design

Bathroom Tiles

Chevron tile designs are all the rage these days, and for a good reason! The zigzag pattern adds texture and dimension to your walls or floors without being overwhelming. The classic chevron floor tile pattern gives off a timeless yet modern look in this contemporary bathroom.

4. Dramatic Black Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

If you want a dramatic look, go for black tiles. Black tiles instantly create a striking and sophisticated look for your bathroom.

Whether you use them as an accent or throughout the space, black tiles can add depth and contrast. It’s perfect for those who prefer an unusual look and who like to make an unforgettable impression with their design!

5. A New Direction For Subway Tile

Bathroom Tiles

Subway tile has been around since the early 1900s and has always been a classic choice for bathrooms, but in 2023, we expect to see them installed in new and unusual ways.

Instead of installing subway tile in traditional horizontal lines, try opting for different orientations, such as vertical or diagonal patterns. A vertical or diagonal subway tile layout can add a fresh and modern look to your bathroom while still evoking a classic porcelain tile bathroom aesthetic. In the bathroom seen above, classic subway tile gets an artistic twist with an alternating vertical and horizontal tile layout.

6. Use Large Floor Tiles To Evoke Spaciousness

Bathroom Tiles

If you’re remodeling a smaller bathroom or just want to create a sense of openness, try using large-format floor tiles. Large floor tiles can help create the illusion of more space in smaller bathrooms by making them appear larger than they actually are.

Larger floor tiles also help create a more seamless look that evokes spaciousness. And with fewer grout lines, large bathroom tiles can also be easier to clean!

7. Stand Out With A Statement Tile Mosaic Wall

Bathroom Tiles

Let one wall stand out with a statement tile mosaic wall! Create a wow-worthy wall with statement tile mosaic pieces featuring unique shapes or colors that stand out from the rest of your tiling design. In the bathroom seen above, a mix of muted gray and reflective glass tiles creates a sense of depth and visual interest in the shower.

Similar to a backsplash in a kitchen, a statement tile mosaic wall can be a beautiful and unique addition to your bathroom. With a variety of colors and patterns, you can create a work of art on your walls with mosaic tiles that is sure to add texture and variety to any bathroom renovation project.

8. Combine Similar Color Tiles That Are Of Different Shapes

Bathroom Tiles

Combine tiles of similar colors but different shapes to create a subtle yet visually exciting pattern. Use similar colored tiles that are different shapes–square, circle, oval, and so on–to add dimension to your design scheme. This can be an excellent option for those who want a more subtle look than a statement tile mosaic wall. In the bathroom seen above,  the large-format beige wall tiles subtly contrast with the smaller beige shower floor tiles.

9. Timeless Checkerboard Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Checkerboard tiles have been around since the 1920s but remain timelessly chic today! The black and white pattern can add a classic and elegant look to your space. They’re perfect for giving your bathroom an updated look without sacrificing classic charm. In the bathroom seen above, the designer evokes the classic checkerboard pattern with a playful twist.

10. Contrast Dark And Neutral Tiles 

Bathroom Tiles

Contrasting dark and neutral tones is another excellent way to give your space an exciting texture and depth without taking away from its overall aesthetic appeal. For an elegant look, pair dark neutral tiles with lighter shades for maximum contrast that won’t overwhelm the space. You can also use a combination of textures and finishes to create a unique design.

11. Elevate The Space With Marble Tile

Bathroom Tiles

Looking to bring a luxurious touch to a drab bathroom? Look no further than marble tile! Marble tiles offer an elegant update that instantly transforms the space, from whitewashed tiles with undertone veining to deep gray statement pieces. Not only is marble luxurious and timelessly beautiful, but it can also bring a heightened level of sophistication and elegance to any bathroom renovation. 

12. Highlight With Herringbone

Bathroom Tiles

Herringbone tile designs are perfect for highlighting certain areas or creating pathways with a sense of movement and flow. Herringbone tile layouts can be used as accent pieces in order to draw attention toward specific areas in your bathroom—such as shower stalls or vanities—and provide focal points within the room’s overall design scheme.

13. Enhance Your Tiles With Bright Borders

Bathroom Tiles

Add some pops of color with bright borders around your floor or wall tiles. This can create a fun and playful look in your bathroom. You can use a contrasting color or a patterned border to add interest.

Similarly, adding bright borders around each tile can make them stand out even more and give them extra definition against other elements in the room—like walls or natural stone countertops—which helps create visual interest throughout the entire space.

14. Spectacular Stripes

Bathroom Tiles

Go bold with stripes! Stripes never go out of style in home decorating schemes, so why not try them out in your bathroom? Vertical stripes can help elongate rooms, while horizontal stripes can make them seem wider than they actually are.

Try choosing two coordinating colors and alternate them in vertical strips on walls or floors. Whether you choose a monochromatic or colorful stripe, it can create a strong impact on your bathroom’s decor. In the bathroom seen above, standard subway tile is elevated with a border stripe that complements the subway tile’s black grout lines.

15. Picturesque Penny Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Penny tiles–small tiles the approximate size of a penny–have a unique and classic look that can evoke nostalgia from decades past but still maintain a timeless beauty. They’re perfect for adding texture and visual interest in smaller spaces without overwhelming them. In the bathroom remodel seen above, a white penny tile floor perfectly meshes with the vintage freestanding bathtub.

16. Wow, With Wood-Look Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Wood-look ceramic tiles are all the rage in bathroom decor right now, giving you all the warmth of wood without any of the upkeep. These tiles bring warmth and coziness into any room while also providing durability against moisture. With a variety of colors and patterns available, you can create a natural and inviting look that perfectly meshes with your style.

17. Get Hip With Hexagon Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Hexagon tiles have been making waves in bathroom decor in recent years. These uniquely shaped tiles can add a modern and sophisticated look to your space. Besides their individual geometric flair, hexagon-shaped tiles also provide interesting pattern possibilities when paired with more conventional tile shapes.

18. Striking Scalloped Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Scalloped tiles have been gaining popularity in recent years as more homeowners embrace their unique shape and texture. Also known as “fish scales” tiles, these tiles feature a curved, scallop-like pattern. They help create a feminine look without overpowering other elements in the space.

They can be used to create an eye-catching border around shower walls or even used on the entire wall for a one-of-a-kind look. Since scalloped tiles feature a curved design, try using them in areas of your bathroom where you want to “soften up” the aesthetic.

19. Pebble Tile Flooring For Perfect Texture

Bathroom Tiles

If you’re aiming for a spa-like feel in your bathroom, pebble tile flooring may be the perfect solution. The organic beauty of the pebbles can add depth and interest to your floors, while the texture of the natural pebbles creates a massage-like sensation on your feet.

20. Surprise With Starburst Tile Designs

Bathroom Tiles

If you’re looking to make a statement with your bathroom remodel, then starburst tile designs are the way to go! These bold geometric patterns feature multiple points that radiate out from the center like sunbeams, creating an eye-catching effect.

You can use starburst tiles in combination with other tiling designs such as subway or herringbone for added interest, or use them alone as a focal point in your bathroom design. Wherever you use them, starburst designs will truly make your walls shine with their sense of movement and energy.

21. Majestic Mirrored Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Mirrored glass tiles are a great way to instantly add glamor and elegance to any bathroom renovation. They reflect light around the room, creating an airy feeling that is perfect for creating a spa-like atmosphere. Plus, mirrored glass tiles are easy to clean and maintain–just wipe them down with a damp cloth once in a while!

22. Tile To The Top 

Bathroom Tiles

Another growing trend in tiling designs is “tile-to-the-top” walls. This means that instead of having traditional half-wall tiling, where only part of the wall is tiled, and the rest is painted or wallpapered, all of the walls are covered with tiles from floor to ceiling. This creates a durable and seamless look that will really stand out in any bathroom remodel. 

23. Eye-Catching Monochrome

Bathroom Tiles

Monochrome tiling designs are also trendy right now. Using black and white tiles together creates an attractive contrast that will instantly draw attention when someone enters your bathroom.

Monochrome tiles can also be used as accents–if you want a more subtle look, try using black tiles as borders around white walls or vice versa. You’ll create an interesting visual effect without overwhelming the room’s overall design aesthetic. 

Let Ranney Blair Help Bring Your Creative Bathroom Remodeling Vision To Life

No matter what style you’re going for in your bathroom renovation, there’s sure to be a tiling design out there that will fit perfectly into your vision. With our professional in-house design services, no one is better equipped to help bring your vision to life than the experts at Ranney Blair.

If you’re still wondering which tile design is best for you–don’t worry! Our design experts are here to answer any questions you have so that you can find the right tile style for your home in no time at all. To get started on planning your personalized bathroom remodeling project, fill out our contact form today!