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Zero Entry Shower vs Curbed Shower

Zero Entry Shower vs Curbed Shower

Zero-entry showers will give you an updated look and provide uninhibited access for those that need it, but there is no replacement for a curbed shower when it comes to controlling water.

When making your decision, consider the pros and cons of a zero-entry shower compared to a curbed shower.

Modern Bathroom

Zero Entry Shower Pros

  • Universal Design for those with limited mobility
  • Seamless, high-end look
  • Tiles over 2” x 2” in size can be used in conjunction with a linear drain.

Zero Entry Shower Cons

  • $2,000 or more than a traditional curbed shower.
  • Curtains will not prevent the water from escaping. 
  • Some water will still escape a glass door.
  • A low-profile metal or vertical piece of flexible plastic threshold may need to be installed on the floor, at the door opening, to prevent water from leaving the shower.
  • If your bathroom floor is not perfectly level, once the water gets out of the shower, it can run anywhere, potentially damaging cabinetry or trim. If not dried up, it could create a mold problem.
  • If your contractor levels the bathroom floor, it may raise your bathroom much higher than the adjacent room.
  • It requires additional framing work so your bathroom floors don’t get too high compared to the adjacent room.
  • Minimum shower size of 5’ x 5’. Shower sizes less than that become too difficult to keep the water in.
  • Limited options for drain location
Modern Bathroom

Curbed Shower Pros

  • Best option to control water. 
  • Standard pricing
  • Shower size can be smaller since there is a better ability to control water flow.
  • Tiles over 2” x 2” in size can be used in conjunction with a linear drain.
  • Drain location can be anywhere within the shower, depending on tile size.
  • Glass enclosure is ideal, but a curtain can be used.

Curbed Shower Cons

  • It is obvious there is a curb. There is no way to hide it.
  • Bulkier look

The Bottom Line

Zero-entry showers look very nice and are a great option when planning your remodel to age in place. If the look or universal design is more important than the cons of a zero-entry shower, then a zero-entry shower is for you! 

If you are still not sure if the seamless look outweighs the cons of the zero entry, you should go with the curbed shower system.