Prepare for a Smooth Process

Remodeling is a big financial and emotional investment. It can also be a big investment of your time if you want to be closely involved in the decision making.

Knowing what to expect before the project gets started will help you better prepare for the process.

Here are some questions you should always ask before starting a home remodeling project:

What is our schedule? 

A schedule is more than just a start and end date. We work hard to organize a schedule for you that outlines tasks and timing and gives you a big picture view of the process and deadlines for things such as tile and countertops. A good schedule will allow time to research and make the best decisions to avoid any panic and stress. Once the job begins, a solid schedule will help you know what days and times workers will be on-site and what to expect.

How will we communicate?

With every mode of electronic communication at our fingertips, you may have some ideas about how you would like to receive information about your project. It’s important to talk about how you and your remodeler will most effectively communicate and develop a consistent rhythm for daily questions and weekly meetings where we can get together in-person to ask/answer any questions. Consistent communication reduces stress and makes for a better remodeling process.

What will happen if there is a change order? 

Even with terrific planning up-front, change orders can happen. It’s important to document change orders in writing and clearly spell out the change in the scope of work, the price, and have both the client and remodeler sign-off on it. Some change orders also note the change in schedule, if applicable. Make sure you have a plan in place to document the changes that can happen along the way.

What kind of documentation will I receive when the project is done? 

Contracts frequently call out end-of-project paperwork – lien releases, marked-up plans with as-builts on plumbing and other utilities, copies of inspection reports, etc. But there may be additional items you will find valuable: The operating manuals for installed equipment, care for things such as countertops and tile, etc. Confirming that you will receive these things before you get started will help ensure that you finish the project with all the information you need.

The keys here are to have purposeful planning, clear communication, and a solid process. These things are critical to delivering you an exceptional remodeling process.

If you have a project in mind for your Atlanta home and would like to start a conversation about it let’s talk! Reach out anytime either by phone (678.540.1114). We are here to help make this a simple, stress-free project!

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