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Client Focused Process




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A successful project starts with a good fit of client, project, and contractor. Believing that the best relationships begin with a candid conversation. It starts with the first phone call. The discussion focuses on the client's goals and objectives for both the project and the contractor relationship, as well as our approach to the design, development, and execution of the work. If Ranney Blair Weidmann is a potential fit, an introduction package is mailed, and the first meeting is scheduled.



Next Steps


Step 1: Discovery Call

  • Typically 15-20 minute phone call

  • Learn about the "why" of the renovation

  • Would our services benefit you

Step 2: Home Consultation

  • Typically 60-90 minutes at your home

  • Talk through the challenges with your current space

  • Walk through your daily routine to help identify potential solutions

Step 3: Showroom Visit

  • Visit and tour our office and Design Center in Roswell

  • Meet some of the Ranney Blair team

  • Guide you through the steps of designing and building with Ranney Blair Weidmann

Three Phases of your Project

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Our award-winning design and construction experts work together under one roof, creating a seamless design-build process that can accomplish all phases of your project faster and more efficiently than a traditional build-only approach. At the completion of the design phase, you will have a fixed-fee transport build price.

In traditional build-only, you design → bid → build. Often times projects never get built or experience long delays because they are over budget, and there is poor communication between designers and construction experts. Allowances and unclear build details leave you exposed to cost overruns and delayed finish times.

Advantages of Design-Build

  • Know the Costs Upfront - Time spent in design and estimating helps flush out costs, so in construction, you can avoid costly change orders and oversights.
  • Single Point of Responsibility - One entity drives the flow of work all the way through completion, with no need for separate contracts for designers, architects, and contractors.
  • Faster Project Delivery - Once plans are complete, we are ready to build
  • Better Planning - Because building the project is a responsibility, all aspects of construction are planned and ordered ahead of time
  • Better Design and Communication - The production manager is closely involved with design creation to ensure the design is “build-able”.
  • Builds Teamwork - The client, designer, architect, and contractor work together under one roof to achieve the client's goals.
  • Eliminates Adversarial Conditions - There is no blame game or finger-pointing due to errors or omissions made by the designer, architect, or contractor.