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The Heflins, recent empty nesters living in the Broadmeadow subdivision in Roswell, GA, were facing a problem with their kitchen layout. They had no pantry space or storage, poor flow, and cold tile flooring that they wanted to replace with something warmer. They also had dark wood paneling that was making their home feel outdated. They decided to call us after seeing our vans and job site signs in their neighborhood and wanting a detail-oriented contractor to help them update their kitchen.

Our team’s solution was to create more storage space and improve the flow of the kitchen by moving all the appliances to one side and creating a large walk-in pantry. We also extended the project to the living room with updated built-ins and accent lighting, as well as painting throughout. The first step was demoing the existing kitchen cabinets, countertops, and backsplash. Then, we quickly moved into electrical and plumbing work by relocating the sink and adding additional recessed can lighting and under-cabinet lighting. We then added drywall to cover the holes to get ready for cabinet installation. Once cabinets were installed, we templated countertops, including the full slab backsplash. We painted the interior and living room built-ins and replaced all the tile with hardwood flooring. Lastly, we added a barn door to hide the pantry.

The outcome of the project was a brighter, more organized space with an updated style. The Heflins now had a large pantry to keep their kitchen organized and could enjoy their space because it was brighter and had more space in the kitchen. If they had not done the project, their house would still be cold, dark, and limited in storage.

Overall, the Heflins were thrilled with the outcome of the whole house remodeling project, and we were grateful to have been a part of creating their new dream home.

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