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Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen

We recently had the pleasure of working with the Fulcher family on their home remodeling project. The Fulcher's live off Spalding Drive in Sandy Springs and their problem was that their home was from the 1960's, and the kitchen was outdated, closed off, and had very little natural light. This was a big problem for them because they had recently moved from the West Coast and wanted to bring a lot of light into the kitchen. The kitchen was very dark because it lacked natural light and felt cramped. They loved to cook together and weren't able to do it comfortably.

The Fulcher's interior designer recommended us to them, and we were delighted to work with them on the project. We started by demoing the kitchen and taking out three walls connected to the kitchen to open up the space. We had to reconfigure the kitchen for better flow when cooking in the kitchen. Next, we installed new cabinets, countertops, lighting, backsplash, and floating shelves. We also installed new floors and Wolf appliances to give the kitchen a modern touch.

The transformation of their kitchen has made a significant impact on their lives. The Fulcher's can now cook together in a kitchen that was designed just for them. They have a larger island space to prep the food, and the new layout makes it easier for them to move around the kitchen. They also have a reading nook in the kitchen that they get to spend time in while drinking coffee in the mornings. The kitchen is now a bright and open space that reflects their personality and style.

If they didn't do the project, they would still be living in a home that they recently purchased that didn't feel like it fit their personality. The kitchen would continue to be dark, cramped, and not functional for their needs. We are glad we could help the Fulcher family make their home their own, and we hope they enjoy their new kitchen for many years to come.

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