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When the Ardagnas found a beautiful old mill house just a stone’s throw from downtown Roswell, GA, they knew they had found their dream home. However, the excitement of buying a piece of history quickly turned to frustration as they discovered that the house had been poorly remodeled multiple times over the years and was now in need of significant structural repairs. The layout also did not work for their family, and they needed to create dedicated spaces for a home office and a large primary suite.

Looking for a solution, the Ardagnas turned to our remodeling company, drawn to our reputation for quality work and our expertise in historic home renovations. After an initial consultation, we quickly got to work designing a new layout for the home that would meet their needs and restore the home to its former glory.

The first step was demolition, which involved tearing out several walls, the kitchen, bathrooms, and the entire basement down to the studs. We worked carefully to preserve as much of the historic character of the home as possible, salvaging old floorboards and other materials for reuse. We also repaired the structural issues in the kitchen that had made the house unsafe, reinforcing the joists to support a new kitchen island.

Once the demolition was complete, we began the process of putting the house back together. We rewired and replumbed the entire house, adding insulation to all the walls and installing new drywall. Custom cabinets were installed in the kitchen and bathrooms, and we carefully selected materials for the countertops, tile, and flooring with the Ardagnas’ input.

One of the unique features of the project was the reclaimed old floorboards that we used as a ceiling accent in the kitchen area. The result was a stunning combination of old and new that perfectly captured the historic character of the home while still giving the Ardagnas the modern amenities they needed.

When the project was complete, the Ardagnas were thrilled with the result. They had a safe and comfortable home that was perfectly tailored to their needs, and they were able to enjoy all the benefits of living in a historic home in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Roswell.

If the Ardagnas had not chosen to invest in the remodeling project, the house would have continued to deteriorate, eventually becoming uninhabitable. They would have been forced to sell the property, missing out on the opportunity to live in a piece of history and enjoy the convenience of living so close to downtown Roswell. However, thanks to our expertise and dedication, they were able to realize their dream of owning a historic home and creating a beautiful living space that they will enjoy for years to come.

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