Key Features

  • Tounge and groove ceiling treatment
  • Decorative tile floor
  • Added four recessed can lights
  • 12′ french sliding door
  • Horizontal sliding windows with screens
Good Better Best Ranney Blair

Good - Better - Best

This represents the overall level of finishes the client chose for this project.

Project Details

This space was originally a screened in porch with concrete floors. The space now serves as secondard dining area and seating area for 4 seasons. 

Before Pictures

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Transparent Pricing

Start with your Good-Better-Best budget and go into construction with a transparent, fixed-fee price.

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There are a lot of questions to be answered when considering a remodeling project. Here are a few questions we commonly get.
Why/How is your company different?
Our clients are busy. Whether is be their careers, children, of life in general. They are looking for a well thought and planned approach. Good-Better-Best pricing model, collaborative design process, curated showroom, onstaff designer, 3D renderings, and upfront schedule are a few of the things you can expect when working with Ranney Blair.
How will we communicate?
Face-to-face meetings, our project management tool - BuilderTrend, phone calls, text messaging, email, Zoom meetings are all ways we are able to keep you informed, involved, and knowing what the next steps are. This starts from our initial meeting through construction where you will be assigned a dedicated project manager as your daily contact. They will provide regular updates about your project including daily logs with pictures and weekly reports.
Do we get a dedicated project manager?
Absolutely. You will be introduced to your Project Manager at the pre-build meeting. They will be your point of contact throughout the entire project and be on-site during the build phase. Their primary responsibilties are to keep the project on schedule, quality check the work, inform you of the plan, and be your advocate throughout the project.
Are you expensive?
We understand that every client wants to stick to their budget. Instead of low-balling the initial estimate and allowances to win the job just to surprise you later with added changes orders, we thoroughly plan. This way we develop an accurate and thorough scope of work that provides complete disclosure of all charges for a project, including materials and labor, project execution costs, overhead and profit. We go into your project with the budget set through our Design & Budget Planning.
What is our schedule?
Our production calendar is carefully planned and organized so we can give our clients our full attention. We will not start your project and then disappear for weeks. With our Guaranteed Build Schedule you can rest assured we will be continuously working toward completing your project.
Do you use subcontractors?
Yes, we call them our trade partners and they are licensed specialists in their area of expertise. We have worked with our trade partners so long they are part of our family. Since each renovation requires custom skills, they advantage to you is that we can bring in the right trade partner to complete your project.

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