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The Paulson family off Sloan St in Roswell, GA had a problem with their basement not matching the flow or style of the main part of their house. Mr. Paulson likes to entertain and wanted his basement to have a feel of a ski lodge, complete with a wine cellar. This was a problem because the basement style did not match the rest of the house, and it was not conducive to hosting large gatherings.

To solve this problem, Mr. Paulson called a trusted local contractor, Ranney Blair. He was looking for a contractor who could handle designing and building a project that was very detailed and hit a tight deadline. Ranney Blair worked with Mr. Paulson to develop the full plans and drawings to implement a lodge feel in the basement.

The project started with the installation of very large 12″ reclaimed oak beams in a pattern that mimicked an old building. In between the beams, reclaimed barn wood was added for ceiling cladding. To create the wine cellar, a platform was built to hold vertical wine cables and encased the wine cellar with floor-to-ceiling ultra clear glass. A wine chiller was added to the ceiling for temperature control. The finishing touches on this project were a large antler chandelier over the seating area and painting the walls.

The fix that Ranney Blair implemented affected the lives of the Paulson family positively. It created a warm, inviting space to host their parties, and the basement became the focal point of their gatherings. The project added value to the home, and it became an enjoyable space for everyone to relax and have a good time.

If the Paulson family had not done this project, the basement would not have been the focal point of their parties, and it would not have been an inviting space to host gatherings. The basement would have remained unused, and the Paulson family would have missed out on a lot of fun memories.

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