Who do I hire first? Architect or General Contractor?

In large renovations, such as additions, whole home renovations or a major change to a space in your home you will be required by the governing municipality to get a set of architectural plans to be created. Aside the from the government requiring it, having a set of plans helps all parties involved because it defines the scope of work, provides a vision and a good contractor will spot layout flaws before construction.

As a contractor with many years experience in home remodeling, I 

We advise our customers to always get drawings done. This can help define the scope of work


You have been thinking about your renovation for months and you have some great ideas to go along with pages and pages of Pinterest pins. You have come to a fork in the road. Should I hire an architect to draw this? Or should I hire the builder and then we can bring in the architect? In most cases you should 

In this case you should hire builder first

  • You have worked with contractor previously and have no doubt he or she is the person for the job. 
  • You need help finding an architect. Legitimate contractors will have architects they can refer and have worked with in the past.
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