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Whole House Remodeling

Transform your house to reflect your personality


Atlanta Whole House Remodeling

Match your home to your style

Do you dream of a space that better reflects your style, meets your family's changing needs, and maximizes your home's functionality? Then a whole house remodel may be the perfect solution for you!

A whole house remodel is a comprehensive renovation that updates and transforms your entire living space. It can involve everything from reconfiguring your floor plan and updating your kitchen and bathrooms to adding more living space and enhancing your home's energy efficiency.

A whole home remodel allows you to customize your home to meet your needs and tastes, creating a space that is uniquely yours. You can choose from various design options and materials, such as modern or traditional finishes, energy-efficient appliances, and more.

Whole House Remodel in roswell ga

Popular Upgrades

+ Kitchen Remodel
+ Bathroom Remodel
+ Flooring
+ Lighting
+ Windows and Doors
+ Painting
+ Wall Removal
+ Open Layout Concept
+ Storage Solutions
+ Upgraded Insulation
+ Updated Electrical
+ HVAC System
+ Updated Plumbing
+ Smart Home Technology


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We listen to your ideas and long-term functional goals and will develop a plan of action.



A strong creative vision drives the look and feel of your renovation.



Your home will receive respect and care while our PM oversees construction.



It is time to fall in love with your newly remodeled home and create many memories.

Client Focused Process

Whole House Remodeling

Price Guide

Typical pricing for a Whole House Remodel in Atlanta, GA


Whole House Remodel


Design Fee $8k

historic whole house6


1. Design: 8 weeks

2. Mobilization: 10+ weeks

3. Build: 10+ weeks

Limited renovation can include a major room, such as a kitchen and primary bath, along with flooring, painting, and other cosmetic updates throughout the home. For homes typically under 3,000sf.


Whole House Remodel


Design Fee $10k

Whole House Hero 660x440


1. Design: 10 weeks

2. Mobilization: 10+ weeks

3. Build: 12+ weeks

An expanded renovation can include multiple major areas like the kitchen and primary bath. Secondary bathrooms, laundry room, mud room, flooring, and painting throughout the home can also be a part of the project. Typical home sizes are 3,000-5,000sf.


Whole House Remodel


Design Fee $12k

Whole House Remodel Highend 660x440


1. Design: 12 weeks

2. Mobilization: 12+ weeks

3. Build: 16+ weeks

The unlimited renovation includes all major areas of the home, new flooring, and paint throughout. Major floor plan redesign along with updated details throughout the home. Home sizes can range from 3,000sf up to 11,000sf.

*Your scope, materials, and overall design will determine your project price and timeline.


Whole House Remodel


When planning your whole house renovation, you can expect to spend between $100-$175 per square foot. If your house is 2,500sf, you can plan to spend anywhere between $250K and $437K on your whole house project with an R.O.I. of 50%.

Besides the overall look you're trying to achieve for your space, multiple factors go into a full whole house remodel:

  • Layout changes
  • Flooring upgrade
  • Number of major rooms being remodeled
  • Upgrading Electrical System
  • HVAC System
  • Plumbing moves
  • Window relocation
  • Material choices
  • Number of fixtures

You can use our calculators to get a more defined idea of what your whole house remodeling project will cost. We're here to help make this process both seamless and exciting!

Drag the sliders to adjust your values

Whole House size in square feet


Quality of appliances, materials, and complexity

Average job complexity may include premium shower, retiling, new floor, paint job, lighting, and plumbing fixtures.


Your Rough Estimate Is:



There are many variables involved in a whole house remodel. Work with one of our project developers to get your custom quote.

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Whole House Remodeling


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