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Mirror Costs: How To Find The Right One for Your Brookhaven Bathroom

Mirror Costs: How To Find The Right One for Your Brookhaven Bathroom

Reflecting on Choices

Ever stared at a floor mirror in your bedroom and then compared it to a bathroom mirror and wondered if it truly reflects your style?

Or pondered why some mirrors seem to elevate a space while others just hang there?

In this guide, we'll dive deep into the world of mirrors, specifically tailored for the Brookhaven, Georgia, area.

Stick around and discover how to choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom so you'll be well-prepared for your next bathroom remodeling in Brookhaven.


Importance of Choosing the Right Mirror for Your Bathroom

Remodeled bathroom with LED lighting


The right mirror does more than just show your reflection.

A mirror can amplify natural light, make a small space feel larger, and even serve as a statement piece in home decor.

Especially in Brookhaven, where style meets southern charm, having the right mirror style can elevate your bathroom's entire ambiance.



Understanding Mirror Costs

The average cost of bathroom mirrors varies widely.

While you can find basic models for as low as $50, designer pieces can run into the thousands.

Factors like brand, quality, and additional features can significantly influence the price.

Budget-friendly options are also available for those who are conscious of expenses.

You can learn more about budgeting for bathroom remodeling here.


Cost Variations Based on Size, Type, and Features

Larger mirrors, especially full-length mirrors, generally cost more due to the increased material and installation complexity.

Additionally, unique features like built-in lighting or digital displays can add to the price.

Let's take a closer look at the various factors and mirror features that can change the cost of a mirror:



Factors And Extra Features Affecting Mirror Costs

A vanity mirror in a bathroom remodeled by Ranney Blair Remodeling

From built-in defoggers to special tints, modern mirrors come packed with features.

Expect to pay extra for these luxuries, but the convenience they offer is often worth the price.

Here are several factors and extra features that affect the cost of a mirror:

  • The type of glass: For instance, tempered glass might be pricier than standard glass due to its increased strength and safety features.

  • Frame materials: A solid oak frame, for example, might be more expensive than a simple metal frame due to the quality and craftsmanship involved.

  • Additional features like anti-fogging or digital integration: A mirror with a built-in digital clock or touch controls, for example, would likely cost more than a basic mirror without these features.

  • Installation complexity: Installing a mirror with intricate designs or shapes, for instance, might require more time and expertise, leading to higher installation costs.

  • Installation complexity for larger mirrors: As an example, a full-length wall mirror might require additional mounting hardware and support compared to a smaller vanity mirror, increasing the installation cost.



Mirror Installation Cost

While many folks in Brookhaven opt for DIY, professional installation ensures your mirror is secure and perfectly aligned.

On average, installation can range from $150 to $500+, depending on the mirror's size and complexity.

The type of wall, whether it's drywall or tile, can also affect the installation cost.


Special Considerations for Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors, with their vintage charm, often require special care during installation due to their age and fragility.

These mirrors might need reinforcement or specialized hardware to ensure they're safely mounted.

So if you have an antique mirror to install, expect to pay more than the average installation cost.



Bathroom Mirror Replacement Cost

Similar to a new installation, replacing an existing mirror can cost between $150 to $500+, depending on the new mirror's size and features.

Always ensure the new mirror complements your vanity in size and style.

The cost can also vary based on whether you're just replacing the mirror or opting for a complete bathroom makeover.



Types of Bathroom Mirrors and Their Costs


Wall-Mounted Mirrors

These are the most common type of bathroom mirrors.

As the name suggests, a wall-mounted mirror is fixed directly to the wall and typically ranges from $75 to $500.

Their price varies based on size, frame material, and additional features.

For instance, metal frames, especially gold, might be pricier than wooden ones.


Frameless Mirrors

Two frameless mirrors


Modern and minimalist, these mirrors give a sleek look to any bathroom.

A frameless mirror is typically priced between $100 to $600.

Without a frame, they offer a seamless look that can make a bathroom feel brighter and more spacious.


Framed Mirrors

Classic and elegant framed mirrors come in various designs, from wooden to metal frames.

The price of a framed mirror can range from $100 to $1,000+, depending on the intricacy of the frame and the quality of the mirror.


Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors

Functional, stylish, and usually square, these mirrors come with built-in storage.

Medicine cabinet mirrors are perfect for smaller bathrooms where space is a premium.

A medicine cabinet mirror typically costs between $150 to $800.


Vanity Mirrors

A long vanity mirror


Perfect for makeup and grooming, these mirrors sometimes come with magnification features.

They are typically mounted on a stand or attached to the wall.

Vanity mirrors come in a wide range of styles and sizes but usually range from $100 to $800.


Full-Length Mirrors

For those who want a head-to-toe view, full-length mirrors, also known as floor-length mirrors, are the way to go.

Floor-length mirrors are typically mounted on a door or wall and are priced between $100 to $700.


Magnifying Mirrors

Ideal for detailed tasks like shaving or applying makeup, these circular mirrors offer magnification features.

A magnifying mirror can be wall-mounted or stand-alone, and it typically costs around $50 to $200.


Mirrors With Built-In Lighting

a mirror with built-in lighting


Illuminate your face perfectly with a mirror with built-in lighting.

Mirrors with built-in lighting often come with integrated LED lighting and can range from $200 to $1,500+.


Smart Mirrors

A hand pushing a luminous button on a smart mirror

The future is here!

Smart mirrors come with digital features like touch controls, Bluetooth connectivity, and even built-in TVs.

Prices for a smart mirror usually start at $500 and can go up from there based on features.

The mirror types above are the most common types of mirrors that people get installed in their bathrooms.

Now let's take a look at some specialized mirrors and their costs:



Specialized Mirrors and Their Costs

A mirror in a luxury bathroom


Pivot or Tilt Mirrors

These mirrors can be adjusted to different angles, making them perfect for bathrooms used by people of varying heights.

A pivot or tilt mirror is priced between $150 to $500.


Ledge Mirrors

Featuring a built-in shelf, these mirrors are perfect for storing essential toiletries.

The cost of a ledge mirror typically ranges from $150 to $500.


Acrylic Mirrors

Lightweight and shatter-resistant, these mirrors are perfect for households with children.

An acrylic mirror typically costs around $100 to $300.


Venetian-Framed Mirrors

Known for their intricate designs, these mirrors can serve as statement pieces in any bathroom.

A Venetian-framed mirror is usually priced between $300 to $1,200.


Extending Mirrors

Just pull out when needed! Extending mirrors are perfect for detailed grooming tasks and often include a magnifying capability.

Extending mirrors typically range from $50 to $300.


Lighted Mirrors

Similar to a magnifying mirror or an extending mirror, a lighted mirror is perfect for makeup application and often offers uniform lighting.

Lighted mirrors typically cost between $200 to $1,500.


Freestanding Mirrors

You can move a freestanding mirror around as needed.

Freestanding mirrors are versatile and typically priced between $200 to $600.


Ceiling Mirrors

For those looking to add a touch of luxury to their bathrooms, ceiling mirrors are the way to go.

The cost of a ceiling mirror typically ranges from $300 to $1,500+.

See the table below to quickly compare the features and cost differences for the various types of mirrors (including specialized ones):


Type of Mirror Main Characteristic Cost Range
Wall-Mounted Mirrors Most common, fixed to the wall $75 to $500
Frameless Mirrors Modern, minimalist, seamless look $100 to $600
Framed Mirrors Classic, various designs (wooden to metal frames) $100 to $1,000+
Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors Functional, built-in storage, usually square $150 to $800
Vanity Mirrors Used for makeup and grooming, often with magnification $100 to $800
Full-Length Mirrors Head-to-toe view, also known as floor-length mirrors $100 to $700
Magnifying Mirrors Ideal for detailed tasks, offers magnification $50 to $200
Mirrors With Built-In Lighting Integrated LED lighting $200 to $1,500+
Smart Mirrors Digital features like touch controls, Bluetooth, built-in TVs Starting at $500
Pivot or Tilt Mirrors Adjustable angles $150 to $500
Ledge Mirrors Built-in shelf for toiletries $150 to $500
Acrylic Mirrors Lightweight, shatter-resistant $100 to $300
Venetian-Framed Mirrors Intricate designs, statement pieces $300 to $1,200
Extending Mirrors Pull out for detailed grooming, often magnifying $50 to $300
Lighted Mirrors Uniform lighting, perfect for makeup $200 to $1,500
Freestanding Mirrors Movable, versatile $200 to $600
Ceiling Mirrors Luxury addition to bathrooms $300 to $1,500+



Mirror Installation: DIY vs. Professional

While many Brookhaven residents are DIY enthusiasts, professional installation ensures longevity and safety.

Remember, the right hardware is crucial, especially for heavier mirrors.

It's always recommended to consult with professionals before attempting to hang a large or heavy mirror.



Tips for Choosing the Right Mirror for Your Bathroom

A remodeled bathroom with two beautiful mirrors above a vanity

  • Consider your bathroom's layout and size: Ensure the mirror fits well within the space without overwhelming or underwhelming the room.

  • Prioritize style and functionality: Think about the style you want to convey, whether it's modern, traditional, or eclectic. But always ensure the mirror serves its primary purpose effectively.

  • Understand the importance of a mirror: Remember, a mirror isn't just a decorative piece; it's an essential part of your daily routine, from grooming to makeup application.

  • Choose shapes based on room size: For instance, if you have a small room, opt for oval mirrors to add visual interest and make the space appear larger.

  • Check for additional features: Some mirrors come with added functionalities like anti-fogging, lighting, or even digital displays. Decide if these features align with your needs.

  • Match the mirror with other bathroom fixtures: Ensure the mirror complements other fixtures in the bathroom, like faucets, light fixtures, or window treatments, for a cohesive look.

  • Safety first: Especially if you have kids, consider mirrors with rounded edges or those made of shatterproof material.

  • Budget considerations: While it's tempting to go for the most luxurious option, always choose a mirror that fits within your budget without compromising on essential features.



Reflecting with Ranney Blair Remodeling

Two mirrors above a vanity

We've covered a lot, haven't we?

From understanding costs to exploring various types, we hope this guide has illuminated the path to finding your perfect mirror.

Remember, at Ranney Blair Remodeling, we're always here to help with your bathroom remodeling needs.

If you're ready to transform your Brookhaven bathroom, be sure to check out our ultimate guide to bathroom remodeling.

Fill out our contact form today, or give us a call.

Let's make your reflection truly shine!

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