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Ranney Blair Blog

A traditional clawfoot freestanding bathtub

5 min read

Freestanding Bathtub vs. Built-In Bathtub: Pros And Cons

A Soak in the Past and Present of Bathtubs Ever found yourself pondering the difference between a freestanding bathtub and a built-in one? Or perhaps you've wondered which one would best suit your bathroom remodeling plans? If you're seeking answers...

a bidet toilet with a control panel

6 min read

Bidet Seat vs. Bidet Toilet: The Pros and Cons of Both Options

A New Era of Bathroom Comfort Ever found yourself in the bathroom, pondering the age-old question: "Bidet seat or integrated bidet toilet?" Or...

5 min read

Standard Toilet vs. Comfort Height Toilet: Which is Right for Your Bathroom?

The Great Toilet Debate: Standard vs. Comfort Height Ever found yourself pondering the height of your toilet seat? Or perhaps you've been caught off...

7 min read

Toilet Costs In Roswell, GA: A Guide to Finding the Right One for Your Budget

The Cost of Comfort: Investing in Your Bathroom Ever found yourself wondering why your water bill is skyrocketing? Or why your old toilet seems to be...

6 min read

Bathroom Flooring Costs In Brookhaven, GA: What You Need To Know

A Fresh Start with New Floors Are you tired of your outdated bathroom flooring? Do you cringe every time you step onto those worn-out tiles? If so,...

A wall-mounted faucet above a bathroom sink in a bathroom designed and built by Ranney Blair Remodeling

5 min read

Wall-Mounted vs. Deck-Mounted Faucets: A Comparison For Your Roswell, GA Home

A Tale of Two Faucets Ever stood in your bathroom or kitchen, looked at your faucet, and wondered if there's a better option out there? Or perhaps...

White ceramic toilet and bidet

6 min read

Bidet Cost: The Expense of Adding a Bidet to Your Atlanta Bathroom

Ever wondered how to elevate your bathroom experience while also making a more sustainable choice? Curious about the cost of adding a bidet to your...

6 min read

Faucet Costs In Atlanta: How Much Should You Expect to Spend?

Ever considered the costs of faucet installation, particularly in your bathroom? Wondering how kitchen faucet prices might compare? You're in the...

6 min read

Shower Enclosure Costs in Atlanta: What To Expect When Budgeting For Bathroom Remodeling

Ever thought about how your morning routine could transform with a brand-new shower enclosure? Or how a stylish and modern glass shower door can add...

A freestanding bathtub in a bathroom remodel completed by Ranney Blair.

6 min read

Bathtub Costs In Atlanta: A Guide to Choosing the Right One for Your Budget

Are you considering a bathroom remodel but worried about the price tag? Not sure how to select the perfect tub without breaking the bank? This guide...